The Nanjing University Business School (NJUBS) can be dated back to the business departments of Sanjiang Normal School in 1902. During 1952 when most of the Chinese universities were restructured, the economics and management departments of Nanjing University were merged into other universities. It was not until 1978 and 1986 that Economics Department and Management Department were restored into NJU respectively, and then in 1988 was the School of International Business established. In 2000, the school was renamed into Nanjing University Business School (NJUBS). Through many years of development, NJUBS has marked itself with outstanding achievements in the areas of disciplinary construction, talent training, scientific research, social service and international exchange.

As NJUBSers, our vision is to build NJUBS into “one of the top business schools home and abroad”; and we hold our mission as “Creating New Business Knowledge; Developing Students’ Talents, Contributing to the Future Society”. Both the vision and mission of NJUBS have outlined our course and guided our action of development. With knowledge innovation at its core, talent training and social service as two wings, the blueprint for NJUBS future development is laid out. To fulfill our vision, we NJUBSers have made every effort with diligence and full cooperation.

A sound disciplinary construction is the basis for NJUBS to build brands, attract talents and gain development resources. Not surprisingly, NJUBS has achieved great success as evidenced by the establishment of a batch of national and provincial key disciplines together with the favorable comments in disciplinary evaluations from other universities. We are confident that NJUBSers’ painstaking efforts will lead to greater successes.

NJUBS prides itself of a fast expanding faculty team. With a more reasonable distribution of age and educational background, it provides solid intellectual resources for knowledge exploration and talent cultivation. Indeed, to create a good researching atmosphere, NJUBS has made unremitting efforts to improve the conditions for the teachers’ research and teaching, support them to study abroad and engage in cooperation and exchange programs.

NJUBS has offered a large variety of education programs, bringing up numerous students with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees with strong academic competence. In addition to the academic degrees, the well-developed professional degree programs enable our graduates to apply theories with practice. Finally, the senior management training programs have provided students with fast tracks to promote advanced business ideas and knowledge.

NJUBS has a diverse student body coming from different parts of the country or even the world. Such a variety has brought us diversified knowledge, concepts and ideas. This is the place where outstanding students meet with teachers, where discussions generate sparkles of new ideas. Over the past 30 years, NJUBS has been home to about 20,000 students who have studied and grown up here. They have made great contributions to economic and social development upon graduation, putting the university motto into reality “I will be the pride of Nanjing University tomorrow”. What our students have achieved makes us proud and will inspire and motivate us to stride forward.

Internationalization is one of NJUBS’s strategic goals and the missions set upon us by the Era. We will actively engage in international cooperation in fields of faculty development, students cultivation, curricular-setting, scientific research and teaching. In other words, we will not only “bring in”, but “go out”. NJUBS strives to internationalize its faculty team, but student body; not only internationalize its staff, but institutional arrangements and mechanism, so as to increase its visibility in the international community. With the mission on its shoulder, NJUBS will never cease to strive for better business education.

The great success NJUBS has achieved could be attributed to hard work of generations of its faculty and staff, more to the care and support from leaders and friends of governments, enterprises and other colleges and universities. As an old Chinese saying goes, when we drink the fountain, we should not forget the well. We will continue to cherish all these support and keep in close contact with our friends toward better cooperation to achieve common prosperity and progress and a brighter future.

In the journey of building Nanjing University into a world class university in the world, NJUBS will hold onto the university motto of “Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity,” as well as its mission, and endeavor to build NJUBS into “one of the top business schools home and abroad ” with joint efforts.