School of Management

The School of Management has 5 departments: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Electronic Business, the Department of Marketing, and the Department of Human Resource Management, and several research institutes including the Research Institute of Enterprise Strategy, the Research Institute of Human Resource Strategy, and the Marketing Research and Consulting Center. These departments and institutes engage in teaching and scientific research in 5 undergraduate programs (business administration, accounting, financial management, electronic business, and marketing), 2 master programs (enterprise management and accounting), 1 doctoral program in the national first-class discipline (business administration), 4 doctoral programs in the second-class disciplines (enterprise management, human resource management, technological economics and management, and accounting). With the approval by the Ministry of Education, enterprise management became a national key discipline in 2002, which symbolizes that the high quality management and education at Nanjing University have been recognized widely. The postdoctoral station in business administration which was set up in 1998 has enabled Nanjing University to attract high-level management and research personnel from the nation wide.

The School has 63 faculty members, among whom 23 are professor and 21 are associate professors, and 84% of the faculty members have obtained doctoral degrees from domestic and foreign famous universities. The faculty of the School has reached a great influence in management theories, human resource management, enterprise strategy and organization, technological innovation, marketing, accounting, and financial management. Since 2000, they have undertaken 32 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and a great number of provincial or ministerial projects, have published a great deal of high quality academic results, and have obtained 36 provincial or ministerial awards in teaching and academic research.

The School of Management has insisted that scientific research should serve the teaching activities: searching and identifying research topics from teaching practice while the research itself diversifying teaching contents, improving the faculty’s academic and teaching levels, and enhancing the teaching effects. In order to lay down a solid base of teaching management, the School has invested a lot of resources to engage in researches in basic management theories and methods, and emphasizes the combination of theory and practice to improve the students’ abilities of analyzing and solving problems. In addition, the integration of international economy requires the players of the future international economy to have global perspectives. The School tries to establish extensive cooperative relationships with foreign famous universities to match its teaching contents and methods to the international standards. Thus, the talents cultivated by the School have been well received by all walks of life.

Dean:Hong Liu

Vice Dean: Yaotang Wang Ning Mao Chunlin Liu

Office of the School Tel: 83596270