Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration, initially known as the Department of International Business Management, was established in 1986. The department has 10 professors (5 Ph.D. Advisors), 3 associate professors, and 6 lecturers. Enterprise Management is the national key discipline. The Department offers 1 bachelor program in business administration, 1 master program in enterprise management, and 1 doctoral program and 1 postdoctoral station in the first-class discipline of business administration.

The department aims at producing comprehensive management talents who have a solid foundation in modern management and economic theories and a good command of computer skills and foreign languages.

In the last five years, the faculty members have published 34 works, 15 textbooks, and 243 papers in domestic and international leading journals, presided and participated in 12 national research projects and over 20 provincial research projects, and won 4 national prizes and 17 provincial prizes. The department encompasses several research institutes such as the Research Institute of Enterprise Strategy, the Research Institute of Human Resource Strategy, and the Research Institute of Econometrics. 

Chair: Zhijian Xu

Vice Chair: Liangding Jia 

Faculty of Department of Business Administration