Intl. Economics and Trade

The Department of International Economics and Trade was established in 1988. It has 6 professors (all Ph.D. advisors), 4 associate professors, and 4 lecturers. The department offers 1 bachelor program in international trade, 2 master programs in international trade and world economy, and 2 doctoral programs in world economy and international trade. The department has set up the Research Institute of International Economics.

The bachelor program aims at training talents capable of handling foreign trade and investment in import and export companies, financial and investment organizations, multinational corporations, and relevant government entities. The master and doctoral programs mainly cultivate professionals capable of handling foreign trade in large international enterprises and central or local government entities as well as teaching and research in higher education institutions and research institutes.

After years of construction, the department has made great achievements in scientific research and talents training and formed a faculty team which is mainly composed of young and middle-aged members. In recent years, the department has undertaken several projects funded by the National Social Science Fund, key projects of the Ministry of Education and other ministry and provincial-level social science funds, and over 10 projects entrusted by provincial, municipal, or local governments. The research achievements have won high academic reputation in the international trade community in China. The milestone achievement is: during 2005-2006, eight academic results had won the An Zijie International Trade Research Prize ? the top national prize in international trade research and recognized by the Ministry of Education.

 Chair: Yeqing Ma

Vice Chair: Jianguo Xie

Faculty of the Department of the International Economics and Tradee