Finance & Insurance

The Department of Finance and Insurance, with the former name of the Department of Finance, has 4 professors (3 Ph.D. advisors), 7 associate professors, 4 lecturers, and 1 teaching assistant. Through constant efforts of its faculty, the department has created a high-quality bachelor, master, and doctoral programs. Since 2005, the department has started the bachelor program in insurance.

The department aims at educating middle to senior-level talents who can deal with financial and insurance businesses and administrative work for financial and insurance institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, investment and financing companies, and financial and insurance regulatory agencies. It also cultivates research and administrative talents for higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, and government entities.

In recent years, the department has received great successes in the training programs for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Huaxia Bank, the State Development Bank, the Standard and Chartered Bank of the U.K., China Life Insurance Co. Ltd., and the Jiangsu Banking Association. In cooperation with the Cash Investment Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, the department has set up the Bankee P. Kwan Institute of International Financial Management and annually sends faculty members and doctoral or master students to visit or intern in the company. The department has successively established the Training and Test Center for Insurance Practitioners of Nanjing University (the only national test center for insurance practitioners in Jiangsu Province), the LOMA and CPCU Training and Test Centers, the Test Center for Chinese Actuaries, the Test Center for North American Actuaries, the AIA-Nanjing University Actuary Center, and the Hexi New City Base for Financial and Insurance Education Training and Internship. The department undertakes the task of organizing qualification tests and training financial and insurance practitioners in Jiangsu or even the whole country.

 Vice Chair(Executive): Xianming Fang

 Faculty of Department of Finance and Insurance