Industrial Economics

Established in March 2007, the Department of Industrial Economics is the only one based on the two first-class key disciplines of theoretical economics and applied economics and backed by the key research base of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. It offers bachelor, master, and doctoral programs and has a postdoctoral station in industrialized economics. With the economic theories as the latitude and the courses of industrial development, public finance, finance, and management as the longitude, the department has formed a teaching and research system that combines theory with practice. Its aim is to provide students with a strong knowledge of industrial economics as a solid foundation for their future study and work, to arouse their enthusiasm and ability for relative work, and thus to train them to be first-class professionals in various fields of the national economy. Different from the departments of industrial economics in other universities in China, the Department of Industrial Economics at Nanjing University is the only one whose discipline leader is Member of the Social Science Commission of the Ministry of Education and the Chang Jiang Scholarship Professor. Among its leading faculty members, two professors are listed in the New Century Excellent Talent Program of the Ministry of Education. The faculty members who are engaged in teaching and research in the department include 5 professors (all Ph.D. Advisors), 4 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and over 10 doctors in the postdoctoral station. The directions of the discipline include: (1) industrial structure and policy, (2) industrial organization and agglomeration, (3) technological innovation and industrial evolution, (4) enterprise development and industrial upgrade, (5) entrepreneurship and economic growth, (6) labor economics, (7) regional economic development, and (8) real estate and urban economics. 

Chair: Jianghuai Zheng

Vice Chair Qiang Wu

 Faculty of Department of Industrial Economics