Population Research Institute

Established in 1980, the Population Research Institute is one of the earliest institutions to offer the program in Population Economics in China. It has been under the auspices of the United Nations Population Fund since 1985. Its research fields include economics of population, resources and environment, sustainable development economics, human resource investment and management, labor economics and social security, and urbanization and population policy and planning. The institute offers a master program in Economics of Population, Resources and Environment.

The institute has undertaken over 30 projects which were separately funded by the UNFPA,the National Social Sciences Foundation, the Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education, the Social Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Province, and some enterprises. It has won over 20 prizes of national, ministerial, provincial, and other levels for excellent academic achievements.

Collaborating with the Population Academy of Jiangsu Province, the institute launched Population Theory and Practice, a quarterly journal which has so far published 178 issues.

Director: Haiyong Xia

Faculty of Population Research Institute