School of Economics

The School of Economics has 4 departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of International Economics and Trade, the Department of Finance and Insurance, and the Department of Industrial Economics. It possesses the Yangtze River Delta Economics and Social Development Research Center of Nanjing University, the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Nanjing University ? the key research base of the Ministry of Culture, the Economic Development and Transition Research Center ? the platform of the national 985 Philosophy and Social Science Innovation, and the National Economics Base for Talent training. The School of Economics offers 4 undergraduate programs and 9 master programs, has the authority for conferring doctoral degrees in the two first-class disciplines of theoretical economics and applied economics, and provides 10 doctoral programs in the second-class disciplines, 2 postdoctoral stations, and 1 national key discipline.

 The School of Economics has a young and dynamic faculty team. With a background of studying abroad, they are of high academic level and influence. Currently there are 60 faculty and staff in the School, among whom, 24 are professors (22 Ph.D. advisors) and 16 are associate professors. Among the professors, 1 is the member of the Discipline Evaluating Team of the State Council, 2 are commissioners of the Social Science Commission of the Ministry of Education, 2 are designated as Chang Jiang Scholarship Professors, 2 are entitled National Famous Teachers, 5 are listed in the New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, and 2 are selected as candidates of the One-hundred plus One-thousand plus Ten Thousand Talent Program launched by the seven ministries of the Central Government including the Ministry of Personnel. In scientific research from 2000 to 2007, the School has successively undertaken 8 projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, 16 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation (including 2 key projects), and 9 projects sponsored by the Social Science Research Fund of the Ministry of Education. The faculty of the School has obtained over 10 prizes or awards of national or provincial levels, such as the National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, the Distinguished Achievement Award in Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, the Sun Yefang Economics Prize, and the An Zijie International Trade Research Prize. In addition, 2 professors obtained the National Top 100 Excellent Dissertation Prize and 2 were awarded the Huang Da ? Mondell Academic Prize.

In talent training, the School of Economics also sticks to the motto of “strengthening basis, emphasizing application, developing ability, and enhancing quality” and has produced a great number of talents in economics for all walks of life. The School was the first that has set up the Master Station, which has been welcomed by the students and the entities receiving these students. In recent years, the School has tried to reform its curriculum system and teaching methods, and actively introduced foreign professors from famous universities to deliver series of advanced courses in economics. Meanwhile, it has set up joint training programs with other schools or departments within Nanjing University and has launched various academic activities, such as the “Yin Xing Cup” Student Academic Paper Contest on May 20 each year, the Smith Forum, the Academic Luncheon, etc. Various academic activities have optimized the academic atmosphere and strengthened the communication among faculty and students. Besides, the School of Economics holds the Cultural Festival, Sports Games and social practice activities every year. Both faculty and students can benefit from such activities and thus like them very much.

The School of Economics is devoted to exerting its intellectual advantages to serve the society. Every year, it hosts the Jiangsu High-level Forum on Development, inviting domestic and foreign top academicians, government officials, and entrepreneurs to attend the Forum and providing consulting services for the development of the country and the operations of enterprises. The Forum has been praised by 3 successive provincial party secretaries as “intellectual base,” “consulting center,” and “bridge and linkage”. The School has set up the Advanced Graduate Course Program, the Senior Executive Training Program, the Advanced CEO Training Program, etc. to provide talent training and management planning for enterprises and governmental departments. The School has built up relations with enterprises and undertaken several research projects. Many faculty members serve as senior consultants for provincial or municipal governments and large-sized enterprises. By planning for the regional economic development, they have become the think tank for regional economic development and government decision-making. 

Dean: Kunrong Shen

Vice Dean: Tongliang An Jinping Yu

Office of the School Tel: 83596250