77th Session of the Drucker Forum: The Rise of Chinese Multinational Enterprises - Theory and Practice

On Dec. 9th, 2013, the 77th session of the Drucker Forum was held at the NJUBS. Hosted by professor Shuming Zhao,the honorary dean of NJUBS, this session featured the speech from Professor Changqi Wu, with Guanghua School of Management, Beijing University.

Professor Wu introduced and compared the developmental mode of the Legend, Found, Hair, and Hisense, pointing out their difference in the level of internationalization. Based on the case studies, he talked about several misunderstanding on the internationalization, motives for expansion, threshold for internationalization, etc. In the conclusion, professor Wu said that there would be a long road for Chinese enterprise to pursue the internationalization which should be under the guidance of appropriate theories.

Translated by X.Q.


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