Fulbright Scholar Geoffery Woglom Closed His Visit to NJUBS

Fulbright Scholar, Professor Geoffery Woglom closed his visit to NJUBS and returned to the U.S. During his visit, Professor Woglom delivered a course of Money and Economic Activity to the graduate students. According to the students attending the class, this course was welcomed and highly praised. Students commented that the class meeting was well prepared, substantial in contents, suitable to the capabilities of students, well organized and excellently delivered. Professor Woglom kept interaction with the students and carefully answered their questions.

Professor Woglom got his Ph.D. from Yale university and is now working in the Amherest University as a professor in Economics. In Sept. 2013, he was sponsored by the Fulbright program and sent to NJUBS as a visiting Professor. Besides his teaching, he also helped to start a Faculty English Salon, which was successfully held for ten sessions, covering a variety of topics in Sino-US Economics, Politics and Education. Professor Wolgom was very active in preparing the reading materials, stimulating the thinking and leading the discussion. The Salon was a very important contribution to the development of the faculty of the School.

On Dec. 30th, Professor Jinping Yu, the vice dean of the School of Economics invited Professor Woglom to dinner to appreciate him. A thankful note was read to Professor Woglom, a quote from it was:" We appreciate that you often convey the benevolent wishes of the American people and academia toward the Chinese people. We believe people from both countries of China and the United States share a common desire to deepen communication so as to develop long term friendship and collaboration. We also hope you can bring our well wishes to the American academic society when you get back to the United States. We sincerely welcome more American scholars to visit Nanjing University and collaborate with us. "

Professor Yu also gave Professor Woglom several souvenirs to remember Nanjing, the NJUBS, and the visit.

by X.Q.

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