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 Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc for short) is a degree approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. Its aim is to train professional talents who are of high quality and practical capability. Nanjing University is one of the first universities which have been approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council to provide the MPAcc education. The MPAcc at Nanjing University is based on the strong faculty team and advanced equipment of the NUBS and the Department of Accounting and has received well recognition in accounting and other professions.

In recent years, the Department of Accounting has rapidly developed. In 2003, it has set up the first doctoral program in accounting in Jiangsu Province. The specialties of accounting and financial management have been ranked the top 3 among Chinese universities. It has established a joint training mode with foreign high-level universities in the bachelor, master and doctoral programs including MPAcc. In order to provide a good MPAcc Education, Nanjing University has integrated the resources of accounting instructors within and outside both Nanjing University and China to provide a first-class faculty team for the program. It designates several famous professors within Nanjing University who have the qualification of supervising doctoral students to serve as long-term teachers, and also invites senior experts in accounting theory and practice outside the university to give lectures on the hot topics in economics, management, finance, and accounting.

Oriented to the CFOs and chief accountants from different walks of life and those who wish to become senior professional financial managers, the MPAcc at Nanjing University provides a development platform for those who would like to study systematically the notions and tools of modern financial management. In the process of the MPAcc education, Nanjing University emphasizes the combination of theory and practice, utilizes the advantages of the advanced economic development in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and develops the curriculum modules in financial management and accounting control to meet the needs of the modern economy and enterprises. The importance of teaching of the MPAcc education lies in improving the participants’ ability of analyzing problems, developing their financial thinking and comprehensive professional quality, and providing all-round support for their career development. The objectives of the MPAcc at Nanjing University are to cultivate the senior talents who are capable of accounting and auditing in international accounting firms and multinational corporations and to produce Chinese CFOs who are of the internationally first-class level. 

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