Programs List

Master Programs

 The master programs at the NJUBS cover 11 majors and 14 research directions (excluding MBA, EMBA, and MPAcc), including political economics, western economics, world economy, human resource and environment economics, national economy, finance, industrial economics, international economics and trade, econometrics, accounting, and enterprise management (with the directions of human resource management, marketing, and electronic business). Among them, political economics and enterprise management are national key disciplines, and accounting is the key discipline in Jiangsu Province. Currently, the NJUBS has 775 master students at school. It has a strong faculty team and 82 of its faculty members are supervisors for master students.

The master student training at the NJUBS is characterized as “high caliber, solid foundation, and strong ability.” Great importance has been attached to both professional education and comprehensive quality of students. The graduates are of high theoretical level and teamwork spirit, and very competitive in scientific research and management.